Empowering Consumers Through Data


Product methodology:

When people are in situations and they must make decisions, often they do not have at their fingertips the information which would most help them.

Examples where people do have this information include the Amazon and Netflix rating systems. These allow consumer to see what others have experienced before making the purchase decision.

Examples where the information is not as readily available, would be historical stock (or fund manager) performance.

At TNS Solutions, we go further and focus on points in a person's life where the information is not available to the consumer. We empower consumers through data.

Healthcare related

Diagnosis like mine
When you're given a diagnosis, use this application to see what process of treatments others have historically undergone
(Given that I have a broken finger, after I visit my doctor's office, do people normally have surgery?)

Future efforts:
Diagnosis Commonality
How common is this diagnosis that you were just given?
Comb our data and find out how many cases of a diagnosis we have seen, and compare that to the total number of people we know about.

Diagnostic Treatment Summaries
When you're given a diagnosis, see what treatments others have undergone what % of the time
(Given that I have a broken finger, how often to others get surgery?)

Mobile Clients for both of the above

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