Empowering Consumers Through Data


Created in 2016, TNS Solutions was founded by Tom and Natalie Swendener

We strive to Empower consumers through Data, in subject matters all around us. Having both worked with Data for some time, we know that corporation use their data to make decisions daily, and protect that data with strong safeguards.

Corporations Empowering Consumers
At TNS Solutions, we want to take some of that data and put it in the consumers' hands, empowering them to make decisions just as corporations do. This allows consumers to make more educated decisions, and more timely decisions.

Corporate Benefits
By providing the right data to the consumers, Corporations can build customer loyalty, as well as have a better understanding, and therefore better predict what consumers will do. Being able to better predict what consumers do will aid the bottom line of those corporations

TNS Solutions Background
Having backgrounds in Healthcare, Utilities, and other areas, TNS Solutions understands the corporations need for data security. We know you must deal with requirements like HIPAA regulations, NERC standards, and other industry specific rules, and we're here to help you achieve the goals of Empowering Consumers through data, while protecting your assets.

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